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16 10 2013

Latest update… me find new eyeglasses!


What’s a social media gal to do when faced with choosing a pair of eyeglasses? When in doubt, blog it out!!

Comment below your favorite eye glasses. Wanna try a pair yourself? I loved the handy dandy webcam functionality at


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14 03 2012

Most of us with Thyroid issues have the inevitable why questions…. Why me? Why my eyes? What are the chances?

In an earlier blog I mentioned other symptoms of autoimmune issues. I personally have been plagued with autoimmune issues since early childhood, and now I think I know why. Turns out the neighborhood that I grew up in…

It was an idealistic mid century neighborhood of ranch homes in an upper middle class neighborhood on the north side of St. Louis. A creek ran through the neighborhood, and left us with endless water activities…swimming, catching and eating craw dads, digging up the clay and making pottery, etc. I skipped my first rocks on Coldwater Creek. My best friend lived in a home that backed to the creek, and I thought she was the luckiest girl to have such a beautiful body of water to look at and listen to all day. Many times, during storm season the creek would flood it’s banks, and water would end up in our basements, but it was worth it to enjoy the creek during the obsessively hot Midwestern summer months.

But Coldwater Creek held a secret. And others knew it as well, but chose not to tell.

St. Louis has long been anchored by the defense industry. Mallincrodt, Mcdonnel Dougless, Emerson and others have used St. Louis as it’s headquarters and won numerous government contracts to build everything from airplanes and tanks to nuclear weapons….yes, you heard me right. Turns out that St. Louis played a key role during WWII and the development of the Atom Bomb. It was call the Manhattan Project. Uranium was processed in the plan, and the waste (note: nuclear waste) was dumped into Coldwater Creek.

Now, imagine my shock when I realized that the creek I had played in during my childhood, the creek I sat by, waded through, swam in….. was actually contaminated with nuclear waste. Now my early onset of cervical cancer, my thyroid issues, my ulcerative colitis, my child’s birth defects…. they all make sense now.

And yet, I know I am one of the lucky ones. I’m still here. I am in my early 40’s, and I’ve seen several of my friends die of odd mutations of cancers… multiple cancers, brain cancers, pancreatic cancers….leaving behind children, siblings, and parents.

I have no words. I’m still in shock. I’ve had some localized cramping in my uterus, and I”m scared to death to go for a pap smear….


Why am I such an idiot?

27 07 2010

Moms always take care of themselves dead last….which is how I managed to go without my synthroid medicine for 10 days this past month…..10 days.

Latest bloodwork? TSH level was 87.18 ….that HAS to be some sort of record….I thought 54 was high……

Hating on myself right now…..

I hate that now I have to go through a website and download a pdf and print it out, blah blah blah….what happened to doctors phoning pharmacies? Leave ME outta the loop, I say!!

What do you do to remind yourself to get the medication?

Synthroid Warning

3 03 2010

I consider myself a fairly intelligent person. But, even I make stupid mistakes sometimes.

Imagine my concern, when I went in for a routine screening with my endocrinologist, and my bloodwork came back with a TSH of 50, with a free T4 of .58!!

According to my blood work, I had not taken my synthroid in months. Even my husband shook his finger at me…

I swore that I might’ve missed one or 2 doses per week, maximum, but never 3 days in a row…..

Why is it so darn hard to take medication every day? I had the same issues with ulcerative colitis years ago….but I feel pretty good, and really thought I was doing better these days about my overall health….

Long story short….My husband switched companies last year, and I let my health lapse in between….I figured I’d be fine until he moved in January. He wasn’t rehired until 6 months later, and I was forced to rely on the doc’s samples of Synthroid to get me through….

Guess what? Synthroid has a real expiration date. One year from the time it is dispensed. I had not idea….I thought that time stamp on the foil pack was a “best if used by” not a “useless if used after” date.

Word to the wise….keep your Synthroid FRESH!!

Fall 2009

30 09 2009

Well, it has been just over a year since my TED surgery….and I can tell you that I am glad I had it done, and would recommend it to anyone. That is not to say that there are not drawbacks…I am STILL numb on both sides of my face. The left side is the most, with  numbness that stretches from my upper lip to my eyebrow….the nerves around my eye are still sensitive, and it’s almost impossible to put on eyeliner without extreme pain.

I have received some very touching e-mails, and I”m glad to know that this site is helping people facing TED surgery. I’m looking into putting this blog in a different, easier to navigate format soon….

Wanted to pass along a couple of quick pre-surgery tricks for my new friend, Sarah. These three natural extracts I believe helped keep me from bruising and sped up my recovery time considerably. My doctor was amazed, and asked for the list!!

Take arnica montana…..available at most health food homeopathic areas (Boiron makes it). Take it as directed a full week before  and after surgery to help with healing and bruising.

Bromalain (known as the papaya enzyme). This should be taken a week before as well, as well as during the healing process to help with inflammation. This should be taken on an empty stomach.

Monavie is also excellent to take 2 weeks before and after surgery because of it’s high antioxidant properties. I like it so much that I am a distributor:

Summer 2009 Update

7 07 2009

Well, it’s been almost a year now since my first OD surgery. Some have asked for a photo update, so here it is: April 7 2009You can see that the upper lids are a little on the droopy side, especially on my left eye….but that will be another chapter here some day 🙂

Thanks for the Feedback!!

1 05 2009

I’ll be keeping this blog as is (although I may change up the style soon) and I’m happy to announce my newest venture: confessions of a mommy come lately!! You can read all about it, with updates here:

Thanks again for everyone’s feedback!!